2017 Exhibitors

Meet these vendors at the 2017 ADI Conference and Vendor Expo in Baltimore, Maryland, April 4-5, 2017. View list.


Charitable Giving Opportunity at ADI Conference:
This year, ADI will be collecting work attire to benefit two local charities:
Attire 4 Hire (fcbmore.org) is a men’s boutique where clients can receive a free comprehensive outfit including a suit, tie, belt, socks, shoes, and undergarments (when available) for job interviews, graduation, court dates, and other important life events. They also receive clothes for everyday work once hired.
The mission of Suited to Succeed (suitedtosucceed.org) is to improve the economic independence of women experiencing hardship by providing professional attire, career development and life skills training, networks of support and tools to help them to become successful in life.
Together, the organizations clothe thousands of men, women and children, and provide interview training and basic work skills.
The idea came to us during a conversation with Meg MacWhirter co-Founder of MISC Distilling who, like many of us, traded her corporate duds for a more casual distiller’s “suit,” and it is indeed simple:

“what if each of us packed one extra item (or two) that is no longer useful, but can help someone gain and project confidence?” 

The suits that we no longer need can make a difference in someone’s life. So pack an extra item or two. You’ll use the space in your suitcase for MD spirits!
Bring the items at registration and they will be picked up on Wednesday. If we are successful, let’s make this a tradition!
What you can bring:
Men – Suits, slacks, belts, jackets, shirts, polo shirts, new socks, coats
Women – Pantsuits, dress skirts, jackets, blouses, slacks, purses, coats
Suited to Succeed logo Attire 4 hire_Franciscan Center